JobTracker Slabsmith Integration Platform (JSIP)

If you're using both JobTracker and Slabsmith, we can save you time and money with JSIP - our JobTracker Slabsmith Integration Platform.

Prevent redundant data entry by sharing data between JobTracker and Slabsmith. From feedback from clients, we estimate you can save over 600 hours of data entry per year (50 hours per month based on 100 slabs per month).

By entering information only once, data accuracy improves -- fewer mismatches means less time tracking down errors. Your data in Slabsmith and JobTracker is always in sync, including serial numbers.

The integration means that valuable data is brought automatically from JobTracker into Slabsmith and from Slabsmith into JobTracker. When the project is completed in JobTracker, the fabrication status is set automatically in both Slabsmith and JobTracker.

And now that you have all the data in sync, it's easy to compare Order and Actual dimensions, which can also save you money.

Watch this video to learn more.

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