DataBridge - Get more out of Moraware

We create apps that help you manage your countertop inventory and fabrication business.

Our apps are add-ons to the suite of software from Moraware.

  • Moraware Inventory Reconciliation System (MIRS) : Use barcodes to track your inventory faster and make reconciliation an easy task.

    The Moraware Inventory Reconciliation System saves time, effort, and manpower performing physical inventory.

  • JobTracker Mail Automation (JMAIL) : Automatically generate emails to customers.

    We work with you to design specific emails, documents, event triggers, and timing so your response to customers via JMAIL is always right on target.

  • JobTracker Slabsmith Integration Platform (JSIP) : Share data between JobTracker and Slabsmith -- no more redundant data entry.

    By entering information only once, data accuracy improves -- fewer mismatches means less time tracking down errors. Your data in Slabsmith and JobTracker is always in sync, including serial numbers.

  • JobTracker QuickBooks Integration: Integrating QuickBooks with JobTracker reduces the amount of double data entry between and ensures data accuracy across systems.

  • JT/IconX: Our system automatically downloads Home Depot purchase orders from JT/IConX to JobTracker. All purchase orders, installation dates, and special notes are synchronized between JT/IConX and JobTracker.

Together, we can help you build a rock-solid business.

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